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Why We Opened The Kitchen Draw

Don’t you wish it was possible to get your hands on that high-end kitchen equipment you’ve always drooled over?

You know what we’re talking about, don’t you…

The KitchenAid mixers, Le Creuset pots and espresso machine you’ve always desired.

So do we!

For us, it all came to a head over a Christmas Dinner:

Back in 2021 our founder Max was catering for a party of 14.

The menu included a roast turkey, a roast beef, a chicken breast, a vegetarian option, a gluten-free option. There was also pudding, coffee, booze, other assorted odds and ends – and of course all the trimmings.

Not only that, Max had recently moved house and didn’t have access to all the bells and whistles which would complete his kitchen. This made cooking difficult and he barely managed to pull things off. If only he had access to better equipment, it would have made life so much easier.

This experience made him realise just how much he relied on various tools, utensils, and other gadgets. He also realised just what a difference the best cooking equipment makes in the life of any cooking enthusiast.

And this is why he founded The Kitchen Draw.

Max wanted to give food enthusiasts like you the opportunity to get their hands on the high end cooking equipment and gadgets you’ve always wanted. The things you stare at through the windows of shops but know you cannot afford.

Max also realised that everyone loves a bargain – especially on the things you love the most. This is why The Kitchen Draw is built around a weekly prize draw. Just buy a ticket and you’ll stand a chance of winning some of the world’s best cooking equipment.

The Kitchen Draw isn’t your usual faceless, boring prize draw. We also love a party – who doesn’t? This is why our weekly draw is live-streamed. It’s a lot of fun and gives you a chance to interact with other members of our community. We have multiple prizes each week and we always make sure tickets are reasonably priced. What’s more, everyone is welcome, no matter who you are.

If you’re a cookery enthusiast, you’ll know how expensive the latest cooking equipment is. Now it doesn’t have to be. With us, you don’t have to buy off-brand, cheaper alternative products. You can own top-of-the-line cooking equipment which makes your friends seethe with jealously, whilst also helping you cook the best food of your life. Hey, we’re not saying that equipment makes the cook, but it certainly helps.

What We Value

We understand and value the role that food and cooking have in creating great times with friends and family. This is really what The Kitchen Draw is all about: making your kitchen as fun and exciting as possible. We also value quality – that’s why we only run competitions for the highest quality products. With our draws, you can get your hands on top notch products from brands you can trust. Believe us, we’ll never have prizes that we wouldn’t want to own and use ourselves.

We’re striving to build an all-inclusive community which you’ll be proud to be a part of. What’s more, we’ve partnered with Ecologi to fund the planting of trees every month as part of our efforts to be a sustainable business.

Meet the Cook

Meet the Cook

The Kitchen Draw was founded by Max, originally from New Zealand but now happily settled in a quiet corner of Essex. Nowhere on Max’s CV will you find jobs as a chef or cook – in fact whilst he has travelled the globe eating some of the best food our world has to offer, most of his professional life has been spent in run of the mill, often mind-numbing office jobs. It was an unexpected notice of redundancy that set Max free from the grind – being out of a job presented the chance to try something completely different and lead to the founding of The Kitchen Draw.

Max is keen to stress that he is not an expert chef or a cooking pro – he’s a normal guy with a normal kitchen. Sometimes he doesn’t even enjoy cooking! When he does cook though, he likes to use the best gadgets and the latest kitchen tech – The Kitchen Draw is his way of helping people like him get the very best kit in their kitchens.

“I want to help people get the kitchens that they desire”

– Max Donelan
Founder | The Kitchen Draw

We Grow Trees

We aim to be a sustainable business. As part of achieving this we have partnered with Ecologi to fund the planting of trees every month. You can see our impact here

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