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Pre Order a ‘Year One Crew’ tee-shirt now!

We recently celebrated our first birthday, so to mark the occasion we’re putting out a limited edition tee-shirt (featuring our trusty sidekick Mix the Spoon!) We won’t be doing any further runs of this tee-shirt design so this is your only chance to grab one.

So that there’s no excess stock we’re taking pre-orders until Friday 20th October. We’ll then close pre-orders and get the tee shirts shipped out in early November.

The tee-shirt is black, with both men’s and women’s styles/cuts available.

Thank you to everyone that made getting to the one-year mark possible – you’re all part of the crew regardless of whether you grab a tee shirt 🫶 Love you all and hopefully we have many more years ahead of us!

Price includes postage (UK only)

Size Guide

SizeWomen’s EquivalentMen’s Equivalent
Extra Small8n/a
Extra Large1644/46″

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