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Get Discounts for Referring The Kitchen Draw to Friends and Family

That’s right – you can earn discounts just by referring newbies to our site! We wanted a way to thank our awesome customers that are recommending us and bringing new people to The Kitchen Draw, so we’re giving you a £10 voucher for every new customer you refer to us 😊

It’s quite a simple process, but there are a few rules you should be aware of so we’ve laid it all out below.

How to Get Your Discount

We’ve included what we hope is a helpful picture below, but here are the key steps to getting yourself a £10 discount with us:

  1. First of all, you need to have an account. This is because each person has there own unique personal referral code. You can login or register here.
  2. In your Account page you will see a section on the left called “Referrals”. Guess what? That’s where you can find your personal referral code!
  3. Share your personal referral code with friends, family, colleagues or even strangers – we don’t really care who you share it with! There are a few rules, which we’ve outlined below.
  4. The person you refer will get 20% off their first purchase! They need to make sure that they put your personal referral code in the “Coupon code” field at checkout when they place their order and click “Apply coupon”. On the checkout page they’ll see their 20% discount applied.
  5. Now for the best part. Once they’ve completed their purchase you will receive an email with a unique discount code giving you £10 off an order! You can also view any codes you have earned via your Account on the website.
  6. Use these discount codes in the “Coupon code” field at checkout to claim your £10 discount.

A Few Rules

Sorry, but we do need to lay out a few ground rules for the referral program. Please also check out section 21 of the Site Terms of Use.

  1. Each £10 code you receive can only be used once and is valid for 6 months.
  2. Only one discount code can be used per order.
  3. You are not allowed to create additional accounts in order to take part in the referral program. The program is intended for use with genuine new customers only. Creating multiple accounts to take advantage of referral discounts may result in us having to void your entries and block your account(s).
  4. The new customer discount codes (for 20% off) should only be used when tickets are paid for. Using this code on a free draw in order to generate a £10 off code for the referrer is considered a breach of the Site’s Terms of Use.
  5. Please do not mis-represent The Kitchen Draw or our competitions when referring people.

How to Navigate the Referrals Page in Your Account

Here’s a screenshot with some notes that we’ve pulled together to help you find your way around:

Referral code guide

Referral code guide

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